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For aspiring CA and CMA students, GGSH is the ideal place to learn the nuances of audit techniques and gain a comprehensive understanding of taxation concepts. Our expert guidance, under the mentorship of our experienced Partners and senior staff, provides invaluable support to students as they prepare for their CA and CMA examinations. We conduct weekly training sessions and workshops to supplement students’ classroom learning, encouraging them to actively participate in paper presentations and other interactive activities. Our training sessions cover a wide range of topics, including audit and taxation-related technical aspects, soft skills development, and training in the use of Excel and other audit tools.

Our training sessions are delivered by our Partners, senior staff, and external trainers, providing students with exposure to diverse perspectives and expert insights. We believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, and we encourage students to become trainers themselves, providing them with opportunities to hone their presentation and communication skills. At GGSH, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible training and support, enabling them to achieve their career goals and succeed in their professional endeavors. GGSH invites young and dynamic trainees to submit their resume via email or contact the administration for a challenging and rewarding journey in a multi-disciplinary firm.

Aravindan CMA Article

Since joining this firm as a CMA article, I've experienced remarkable personal growth.
The guidance and trust from my seniors inspire confidence, while my dedicated colleagues motivate me.
The firm's training has enhanced my computer and time management skills, boosting productivity.
The positive and supportive atmosphere facilitates rapid knowledge acquisition across various areas.
I eagerly anticipate a fruitful journey of continued exploration and learning under the firm's guidance.

Swetha CA Article

I am deeply grateful for the exceptional expertise and mentorship of GGSH's partners and my seniors.
Their dedication to nurturing young talent has created an environment that fosters learning and growth.
They personally invest in everyone's development, offering challenging assignments to apply theory to practice.
We are empowered to think critically and independently due to GGSH's collaborative and supportive work culture.
With talented colleagues always ready to assist, share knowledge, and provide guidance, has made every day inspiring.

Venkat CMA Article

My experience at GGSH has been exceptional.
The ambience and friendly nature of the workplace creates a positive environment.
There are ample opportunities for growth. Weekend fun activities and client-handling training add great value.
Working with diverse clients broadens our knowledge, while the thought-provoking ambiance expands our thought process.
GGSH is truly a nurturing and enriching place to get trained into a stunning professional.

Jagadheesh CA Article

The firm provides a pleasant ambiance that fosters productivity and creativity.
I have gained exposure in the areas of business consultancy, audits, direct tax, due diligence, and advanced ERP systems.
The management recognizes the capabilities of all and offers the right opportunities at the right time.
To enhance our skills and professional lifestyle, GGSH organizes team-building activities, sports, and academic sessions.
This holistic approach has truly enriched my growth and development at GGSH.

Arunachalam CMA Article

Working in GGSH's consulting department has been a remarkable experience for me.
Acquiring knowledge in areas like consulting, automation, implementation, and analytics has been a significant advantage.
GGSH offers the freedom to explore ideas, making our work fulfilling.
Saturdays are enjoyable with sports, co-curricular programs, and soft skill sessions.
What I like the most is the strong emphasis on guidance and personal growth.

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